The Container Notebook / Melo

Istanbul Besiktas means different for everyone. Some recall their college days, some their glorious championship. For me Besiktas means Saturday breakfasts and stationery shops. And this notebook was found by me in Besiktas Nezih Stationery Shop while I was rifling through it extend up to the deepest shelves. This notebook on the photograph and the other beautifully designed siblings of it, were lying on the bottom self to be picked by someone to buy them.
This notebook is quite slim, 40 sheets as you can see. Actually I liked they noted the weight of the paper at the back, since this is an important indicator for fountain pen users. As weight of the paper indicates the weight of 1 meter square of that paper and it also helps you understand that paper’s compatibility with fountain pen. Generally, papers under 80 and even 90 do not get along with fountain pens or wet pens and they bleed through. This notebook’s paper is 70 gr/m2. But the first thing I was shocked by this notebook was that it is made in Turkey. Because I didn’t think such a good design was made in Turkey. Then I checked from their website that they have quite a lot varieties. Nevertheless, this notebook was not on the web.
I tested the notebooks with the pen you see above. Wet writers among them are; Noodler’s Ahab, Staedtler Lumocolor and Stabilo Pen 68. The others have fine or extra fine nibs and generally not that wet.
However, as can see, there is show through with most of the pens and a huge bleeding in Staedtler Lumocolor. With that much show through, this notebook can only be used with pencils or you can skip the pages while using. Long story short, it is beautiful on the outside yet fails on usage.


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