TOMBOW Zoom 505 (Havanna) Fountain Pen Review

After an oblique nib Wality 69 fountain pen I used for a while, oblique nibs slowly grew in me. As I was checking around for another oblique nib fountain pen, I came across with this pen of Tombow brand. Although embossed on pen itself as Zoom 505 this pen also known as Havanna, I guess due to it is cigar shape.
Pen comes with a black card box and fine black tin box within. Actually for such a masculine pen, the boxes are very elegant.
When you open the tin box, pen reveals itself in a dark grey foam. I guess this is a nice display for a pen, nothing to distract your attention other than this beautiful fountain pen.
What to say about this pen? It has a great finish. It has a nice subtle golden color and a brushed finish. So you may find yourself caressing this pen over and over like a psychopath 🙂 It has a rubber belt and rubber grip. It is ideal for who doesn’t like metal grip sections.
Lamy Safari, Pelikan M200, TWSBI Diamond 540 and TOMBOW Havanna (Zoom 505)
I added some photos with some reference pens so you can see the size. It is 14,1 cm when closed, 16,3 cm when posted and 12,8 cm without cap. Unfortunately it is 39 grams with cap and 31 grams without cap. We can say it is on the heavy side of the fountain pen world.
I preferred it with an Oblique Broad (OB). I love when companies offered different nib types. It writes right out of box and it writes smoothly. I really love Japanese pens. (sorry for my bad florishing)
The writing sample above, was provided with same pen. Of course you can as “what kind of sorcery is this” (wink wink to 9gag) but for the second line I turned the nib 180 degrees. It still writes. Nice huh?
I bought this pen for 40 pounds and does it worth it? Definitely YES! Overall it is a nice, sturdy pen with great finish and smooth nib. My only concern about it the weight. But I believe most of the fountain pen users find 30 gr as regular pen weight.
Do you like heavy pens or light pens?
PS: Please take a moment for this beautiful and brave fountain pen which was tragically thrown away to trash bin by our house keeper. Rest in peace little pen. I will never forget you. *sigh* Oh no, I am not crying, I got something in the eye.

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