Toz Penkala Croatian Fountain Pen Review

This week’s pen is coming from Croatia and the brand is Toz Penkala. Toz Penkala is a school products and accessories brand from Croatia which was established in 1937. This brand which as a bit inactive for a while, started operating again in 2016. As you might know, Scrikss in Turkey started offering new products some years ago and decided to re-launch its famous model 419 recently.
Toz Penkala fountain pen comes in a very basic, transparent plastic box. In the tag attached to the pen it says “Hrvatski Proizvod” which means “Croatian Product”.
The pen has a matte navy blue body and golden trimmings. And the nib is a standart steel nib. The cap places on the top of the body very securely. Toz Penkala fountain pen welcomes European standart cartridges and converters.
I used this pen with Kaweco Blue Cartridge. It rights smooth and medium-wet right out of the box. I got this pen as a present from my father who had visited Croatia. Do you have any interesting pens like this you received as a gift?
Zeynep Presentpen

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