Actually TWSBI is ratherly a new trademark. Chinese producer Ta Shin Precision, after 40 years of experience in sub-production, decides to create its own trademark and with good design + good marketing, gains a seat among the conservative type fountain pen market.
Since I keep posting this blog in order to provide a personal history of my own, I wanted to note down that TWSBI finally offered in Turkey. In fact, previously Turkish fountain pen fans were able to purchase TWSBI from ebay. However, due to some shipping problems, TWSBI ceased shipping pens to Turkey. Just don’t take my word as shipment problems, as you might already know, it is generally based on a scam that; buyers claim undelivered package even though they did and get a refund from ebay.
Fortunately, a website which belongs to a well-known stationery in Sirkeci started offering TWSBI Diamond 540 with 6 different nib choices. Well, it has been priced to 83 USD while its original price is 50 USD on its website. Of course I would like to see the price close to its original, however, I do understand that stationery with taxes, profit margin and risks are considered. Although I have a prejudice against transparent or demonstrator fountain pens, I was wondering about TWSBI for a long time. I also wish from that, they bring the other models and inks ink bottles of TWSBI in a short while.
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PS: For God’s sake make a proper website 🙂

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