UHU Primus Fountain Pen

Do you know that, famous glue brand UHU was producing fountain pens once? I had knew that, but I had never saw one in person up until I have been gifted this pen. Thank you Mr. X 🙂UHU Primus has been produced in 1950’s and it is a good example of the serious and sturdy pens of these period. Mine pen has a number “D52.24580”, I am quite not sure if it is a model or inventory number because I haven’t seen any other example of this pen.UHU Primus has a very classical shape of fountain pen with a screw cap, pistonfiller and a translucent ink window. There is a blind cap over the piston know and piston turns contrarty to the usual turn.There is a silver colored steel nib on the pen marked only with UHU brand.The nib writes perfect and although it is a steel nib, it is has a good amount of flex. I used an orange ink just to surprize this serious black pen. I think it matches with the ink window as well. I  liked this pen. And it reminds me of times that where lot more people were using fountain pens and so many companies were producing it. What are your pens reminding you?
Zeynep Vintagepen

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