Umur My Notebook

This spiralled little notebook is a gift from one of the greatest persons I have met in 2014. (I love you Doluk!) I have no regret poisoning her with fountain pens, actuallly I won’t be alone cleaning my fountain pens. And this Ms. Doluk got this notebook for me and for herself from a shop called Penz Shop.
There is a little label on the back and even though there is no information about paper, we have some information about the company. From the label we can see it is a product of Umur Stationery and My Notebook line with 100 pages. Besides, there is a landline for customer services. It seems interesting. Price is around 7-8 TL (app 1,5 Eur)
It has a glossy paper. I can say maybe a bit less from Rhodia. I tried it with my Fine nibbed Pelikan which is one of the wettest pens I have with Noodler’s Black Swan in Australian Roses who is very picky about the paper; a broad nib Kaweco Art  and my Montblanc No:32. There is no feathering on the paper.
As you can see it has a nice performance on the back page. Even though there is a little ghosting, there is no sign of bleed. I have my upvote for Umur My Notebook. I hope I can find it in bigger size on blank.
Zeynep Let’swrite


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