Visconti Purple Ink Review

Let’s give a break to Pelikan line and review another ink: Visconti Purple. Visconti is an Italian brand. Even though I don’t have one, I experienced on the first hand that they have great fountain pens And about their inks, I really like their bottle design. (Ok, it might not be very usefull but it is elegant) However, it is not possible to find the glass bottles they sell in Italy, neither in Turkey nor in England. I ordered mine online from England and it comes with plastic bottle inside a plastic outer shell.
Visconti purple is more vivid when it is wet and it dries out to be more blue-ish. They are quite similar with Rohrer&Klingner Cassia. However, Cassia has a bit more purple purple when compared to Visconti. And it keeps its purple tone after drying. Except than this, it is a non-problematic purple ink. The only problem might be that it is not quite water resistant.
Viva purple ink!
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