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Yes, this is the first time you came across with a Visconti fountain pen in this blog. Because I didn’t have one. And this pen either does not belong to me but a friend of mine Sukret. He lend me this pen for a while, but for me to use it and to make a post about it.

There are four series of pens in Visconti dedicated to famous painters. Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Michelangelo and the new release Dali. All the pens, except Michelangelo come with steel nibs. They are colorfull and pretty much for daily use.

Rembrandt comes within this crocodile printed black box. Box is a bit bulky. There is a small drawer on the other side, where you can keep the pamphlet of the pen.

In the box, we a converter and a cartridge. The little gadget you’ve seen next to converter is the magnet coming with Visconti My Pen System.

With this little magnet, you can place any symbol you want to the top jewel of the cap. They can be your favorite stone, it can be your initials or symbol of your horoscope.

Visconti Rembrandt is made of variegated resin. It comes within 4 colors; red, ivory, black and blue. (Besides it have a special edition of orange) Cap has a magnetic system so it is practical and safe. Clips is quite soft but it clings well. On the bottom of the cap there is a steel decorating which bears the Rembrandt engraving.

There is a nice decoration on the nib either. Material of the nib is steel but it is quite soft and smooth. I have been mesmerized with it so much, that eventually I bought a Visconti too.

The grip section of the pen is also steel, but it did not created a problem during the long writing sessions. Since the lenght is well adjusted and balanced, it is an ideal writing pal. The pen I used was Fine and it nearly equals to a Japanese Medium. Since it writes wet enough, I liked it. The price is around 100 pounds in UK. If you have enough budget, it can definitely be a good workhorse.

What is your daily pen and why?


Zeynep Wishapainter

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