Waterman Allure Fountain Pen

Hi There,
This time, I have Waterman Allure Fountain pen which I postponed to write for a long time. I have get this fountain pen from Mephisto Bookstore on Istiklal Street. I have used it a few times on those years but it never became one of my favorite pens. That’s why I was not very keen to review it.
 This fountain pen has a Waterman branded medium steel nib. If I am not mistaken the body of the is made of aluminium. And this makes it a light weight pen. And the grip section is plastic.
Medium nib of this fountain pen is ready to write out of the box and it gives European standart medium line width. It is a medium wet and medium smooth pen as well, used with standard European cartridges or converters.
 I liked this pen, but I don’t know somehow it didn’t reach up among my favorite pens. Maybe it is because of the color. However, it can easily be someone else’s favorite pen.
How do you find it?
Zeynep Inblues


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