Waterman Carene Marine Amber Fountain Pen Review

In fountain pen world, there are some fountain pens that people all agreed upon them; like Pelikan M4xx, MontBlanc 14x… And obviously Waterman Carene is one of them. With great quality of Waterman Pens and great design of the pen, it is one of phenomenal pens of this world.
According to my research I concluded that Waterman Carene was produced since circa 1998. So we are holding  nearly a 14 years old design on our hands and frankly I think, this design is a contemporary one. Waterman in its website states that the design is inspired by the streamlined symmetry of yachts. (“This is the place you should feel luxury”)
Carene is produced in 6 colors: Glossy Red, Vivid Blue, Frosty Brown, Charcoal Grey, Black Sea (Silver and Gold trim) and Marine Amber. I was a fan of Marine Amber so I ended up buying it. Marine Amber is a mix of reddish brown and black which I think gives a very elegant look to pen with gold trims.
Waterman Carene has a 18 K gold inlaid nib. It was my first gold nib and I feel like I write on a cloud instead of a paper. That was totally fantastic. Sorry steel nibs, but it is true 🙂
This pen does not have a breather hole in front but in back and the feed is quite nice.
It is a converter or cartridge filling fountain pen. And cap is a click type. The only thing negative about this pen is: “weight!” Maybe it is because that I like a medium-and light weighted pens. Here, you can find the details below:
–  Cap closed: 14.4 cm
– Cap posted: 14.8 cm
– Body only: 12.8 cm
– With cap: 34 gr
– Without cap: 23.3 gr
(You can find size and weight of some other fountain pens here)
I hope you like the pen
Zeynep (^ ^)

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