Waterman Harmonious Green Ink

This week’s ink is Waterman Harmonious Green. As sun started showing its face and as the spring started despite the cold air I wanted to have a green ink on the blog.
Waterman inks are the reliable, fairly priced inks of the market. It is my fault that they were not mentioned a lot in this blog. However, the best thing I love about this inks are the bottles. Even though they are not fancy, they are quite functional. Because of its facades, you can have a pool of ink when you tilt the bottle.

Waterman Harmonious Green is a nice shade of green complying well with its name. Like other Waterman inks, they are problem-free, matching with all pens and easily flushed from the pen. It is just not good with water, it might be the only deficiency about this ink.

And here is the great sheen on the pool of Waterman Harmonious Green. What is your favorite Waterman ink?


Zeynep Vertovert


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