Waterman Le Man 100 Fountain Pen Review

 Again I am here with a fountain pen from Mr. Turgay’s collection. Le Man 100 is a pen launched by Waterman in honour of 100th anniversary of the company in 1983. “100” in the model refers to the anniversary year.
 With Waterman’s signature clips, golden trimming and with its rather big body, it is quite a nice fountain pen.
 It has a dual-tone nib. Since it is a 18K gold nib, it provides a quite nice writing pleasure. The pen I used was a Medium and I can say it is really a Medium size. As most of the Waterman pens (I am not sure is Waterman has any piston filling pens) it works with a cartridge/converter.
Unfortunately this pen was left with ink when I first have it. However after several flushes it became as good as new and started writing butter smooth. At the last photo you can see it inked with Diamine Eau de Nile. As far as I know, this pen is not offered by Waterman anymore but you can find it about 500 USD on ebay. What do you think about it?
Zeynep Oldpen


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