When do children grow up?

Since I started this blog, my father has became the biggest fan of
it. Reading it every day, trying to find pens for me and advertising it
to all family and family friends. Moreover, unlike most men, he likes
shopping, he has kind of an addiction. He owns numerous shoes, shirts,
knifes, dictionaries etc. Now, he has a chance to adjust his shopping
habit, since he is not shopping for himself, but me! So I received this
parcel from him last week which includes 30 fountain pens. Crazy, isn’t
it. I had a Sheaffer Imperial Triumph, a Sheaffer 440 I guess, a Scrikss
419 and 27 Wing sung and Hero fountain pens. He visited Antep recently
(a big city on the South East region of Turkey) and found an old
stationery there. I have also some pens waiting at home, in Ankara where
my parents live. Therefore, my next plan is to get a 20x-30x magnifying
glass and start some grinding with all those Chinese pens which I will not
regret to waste some of them.
By the way, daddy, thanks. You are my true hero!

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