Who Wants Tudi Billo Notebook?


 Starting this blog, I aimed to keep my personal record and share what I have learned from my teacher and what I knew. I wasn’t expecting to have 100 followers in this short time period. Because, I always had that prejudice as in Turkey we do not cherish pen and paper enough as we do not read too much. It really made me happy to see at least 100 people who likes stationery and eager to use fountain pen. And you know what they say, “Happiness soars when shared”. So, I wanted to make a giveaway to share my happiness with you.  and thanks to Nishmark who shared my happiness and sent me two handmade Tudi Billo notebooks.
First lets get to know the Tudi Billo notebooks with the words of Nishmark:

“German Tudi Billo ® Papers are specialized on handmade Nepal papers. Papers used 1400 years before in Nepal processed within contemporary and quality production process and become alive with the design of Tudi Billo design team. Handmade papers, notebooks, felt products are produced within fair trade principles and environmental conditions.””Handmade this paper, produced in Nepal, made out of hull of Lokta plant also known as daphne which grow over in the deep forests of Himalayan Mountains and in the shadow of giant plants. A lot of people in the mountain villages of Nepal live off by producing raw paper. Lokta grows over the hills  6500 ft to 9500 ft high above the sea. When chopped 20 centimeters high from the root, it can grow back to its old height in 6 years where it could be chopped 2 or 3 times a year. With accurate trimming, it becomes the major source of income without harming the ecological structure”You could find a great video about the production process of paper and more about Nishmark on Nishblog.com !




According to my review: first of all, notebooks are quite stylish. And since because they are not mass produced but handmade, those notebooks soars up to a very high level in my perception. Besides, it has colorful separators papers among pages. So, you might use the same notebook for different topics. About its paper; as  I used wet fountain pens there is no bleed through or not even a slight show through. In any case you would feel the thickness as soon as you touch the paper. Long story short those notebooks are great, your pen deserves them!

However, due to international shipping problems, we cannot accept international readers to the giveaway. Sorry for that and hope to see you in other posts. But you are welcome to surf on Nishmark.com



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