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This week, I am here with the Chinese brand Wing Sung, 3008 model fountain pen. After launching hooded needle nib fountain pens with squeeze type fillers, Chinese fountain pen market recently started trying new tastes. Although those pens have enormous resemblances with some other peers, still the users are happy to access more piston or standard cartridge filling fountain

Wing Sung 1

Wing Sung 3008, again inspired (!) by a Taiwanese brother TWSBI’s 5xx models. But it is true that the colored aluminum pieces makes this pen an eye candy.

Nib of the pen is quite different from what we used to see in Chinese pens. Instead of a needle point hooded nib, it has a Lamy Safari inspired sliding, steel nib. However, due to the complex characters of Chinese and other far eastern alphabets, it comes only with F and EF options. Nevertheless, it is a pleasure to use these transparent feeder pens with color inks.

Nibs of Wing Sung 3008 fountain pens are note bad at all. Especially, it seems that they somehow prevented the dryness problem which is very common with Chinese pens.

All pens I have bearing the same Fine nib. I tried to ink them with the matching colors of their aluminium pieces. And this way, they look so great as well as they are good candidate to be a daily pen due to their huge ink capacity.

And let’s see the winner of last week’s Galen WtMO pen case winner. Mr. Ramazan Geçeli, please contact with me. But please do not worry! If you leave your comment this post as of July 2, until 18:00, you can grab the chance to win one of those four pens.


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  1. Thanks for the review. It is true that Chinese fountain pen manufacturers have improved their products in the last few years. This Wing Sung 3008 demonstrator, with piston filling system and generous ink capacity is a good example of such new trend in Chinese pens. It also reminds me of other pen from the same maker, the 698 the first true, Chinese piston-filler in many years.
    The Wing Sung 698 is very close to the Twsbi Eco, but with a smaller (a nicer design, imho) cap. It can also be disassembled without any tool, which is a plus.



  2. I bought a few 3008 before knowing they were similar to the mainstream brand TWSBI. They do seem quite well built for the price I paid a few months ago, and yes, the EF writes with a very thin line.

    One gripe I had was that the filler knob does not lock on my version and I absentmindedly turned it causing ink to spill onto my lap.


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