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Hi  All,
This week I am here with a notebook. Besides, it is a 100% recycled one. I got this notebook upon recommendation from Anka Art Supplies in Kadıköy. However, I had no real expectations during my purchase. After I made research I realized that it belongs to Clairefontaine.
I tested it out with three wet writers. Visconti Homo Saphiens is quite a wet fountain pen although it is a fine. So that we can only tame it with a dry ink like Kaweco Midnight Blue. Pelikan M101N is the driest pen among those. And still not dry.  I inked it with Edelstein Smoky Quartz. Montblanc 252 is a wet vintage and I inked it with Iroshizuku syo-ro and it became a fire hose.
And look at the back page! Unbelievable! There is only a shadowing from Montblanc and I am fine with that. I think I haven’t seen such a performing notebook for a long while.
Zap Book is around 4 Euro in Turkey (at least it was like this when I got it) 160 sheets and 320 pages. I think the only problem is the size. I struggle to keep it open since it is a bit thick. My favorite notebooks are thinner ones in A5 size. But my advise, if you come across with this notebook, get your hands on it.
What is your favorite notebook?
Zeynep Yellowbook


  1. I heard these notebooks are fountain pen-friendly. They’d better put a little importance on the cover of the notebook.

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